Welcome to Equinerds!

What’s all this then?

Equinerd – collective noun for people who like to use their brain when riding their horses and are interested in finding better ways of doing things. Often into classical dressage, but this is not a pre-requisite. High level of technical ability not a requirement. Sense of humour mandatory.

The Project – a collection of articles which will never ever be finished, because there will never ever be an end to what can be written and understood about training horses.

The Aim – We want to make things better for horses everywhere, and that can only happen through educating people. We hope that you find something of value here. The articles are written from my (Adie’s) point of view, and relate to lessons I’ve had with Andrew, with the intention of making what can be a very dense and difficult topic accessible. If you have a question about any of the content, or about your horse or anything you’ve been struggling with or are interested in, please feel free to get in touch.

Who are ‘we’?

Andrew James Murphy

Andrew’s journey with horses began when his non-horsey parents brought him an unbroken three year old Arab as his first horse. He survived, and originally was keen to show jump, only becoming interested in dressage when the aforementioned Lizzy declined to jump at all.image

He began teaching at age 17, but then took a detour, completing an English degree and working in The City before deciding to give riding professionally a go. He began training at the TTT, riding for Charles de Kunffy, Arthur Kottas and Stephen Clarke. He is now a Senior Instructor at the TTT, and teaches alongside Charles at The Dovecote Stables in Oxfordshire.

Andrew competed and won at every level of affiliated competition, including Grand Prix. He now teaches internationally, training all different types of horses, from Fjord Horses to Iberians, Warmbloods to Thoroughbreds.

Andrew’s teaching is not just based on what he has learned from the masters he has trained with; he has also developed his own philosophy and approach, to teaching as well as training horses. He is able to quickly identify what will work and why, and then translate it into a language that anyone can understand.

Adie Murphy

My story with horses began when I was about six, on a pony trek in the New Forest. The pony I was riding bolted, carting me off through some trees and absolutely frightening the life out of me. When we got back my grandfather said;IMG_0469.jpg

“Right, that’s it, she’s got to learn to do that properly!”

A more expensive sentence there never was said.

My first horse, Slinky, was bought for my twelfth birthday, in the belief  or hope, that I

would go off horses before I turned 16. Slinky and I did everything together, from BYRDS to Pony Club eventing, and I’m grateful that he kept going long enough to introduce me to Caroline Douglas, who took me to the TTT for the first time (and many times after).

I am a BHSAI, and am in the process of getting to grips with Duende, our new hispano-arabe gelding. He’s a bit magical.

I am available for clinics in the UK, for all levels up to advanced. I am also able to accommodate horses for training livery at home. Please contact for more details.

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